Research And Measurement As you design your high converting page, you should make sure that the elements are arranged logically. Other people like what you do.
Hey Chris, great question. Live Chat features are now a popular option for many businesses. For example, this “Chat Here” box is always present, regardless of scroll depth, on FotoZap’s landing page:
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Here are a few examples of ways that landing pages are used with various traffic sources: Lightbox that opens on any page and prompts the visitor to subscribe. Very high converting.
Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. All in one place. Debugging release issues with 1.8.1
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(and here’s a little summary to whet your appetite) May 3, 2015 at 11:50 am
1. Tell us what you want For certain products, a photo of an attractive person on a landing page boosts conversions significantly. For others, a photo of a beautiful landscape or vista may have the same effect.
Jobs @ WP Buffs Test company logos your experts have worked with, or even better testimonials from people who’ve downloaded the document as there is there is less need for these to be recognisible names.
Version 0.08 – Released – 11 November, 2015 View Templates Footer Secondary 4 The landing page template allows you to test an idea, measure interest, run a campaign, or generate leads.  You might want visitors to click a button, leave their email, or watch a video. Build a case around your primary “call to action.” Simply share a direct link to your landing page.
by Step 3: Click the box “Lead generation” and sort through templates until you find one you want to use. All our lead generation templates already include forms that will capture your prospects’ email addresses.
1.3.1 6 SalesLast updated: 14 Jun 18 After all, if a user doesn’t understand what your product or service is about, you’ve lost them. So a straightforward explanation is crucial.
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Ezvid Wiki Mobile Product Section Design Active Campaign 2. I have a landing page, but I’m not sure how good it is. Sapna Haryanavi
Use the landing page creator to build a few versions of a landing page and test for conversion. The average landing page conversion across industries is 7.11%.

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My one copy comment here is on the 12 month action plan which hypes up by talking about Virgin, and then brings you crashing down with ‘well that’s not us, but trust us we’re pretty good as well’. I get what they’re trying to do here, but really the result was the opposite for me.
– NEW : All remaining pages added to builder Precisely nothing, of course—and if I know it, your prospect knows it. So once again you are drawing attention to the fact that you’re harvesting his details. Add to that the fact that even two fields (name and email) is twice as many as one, and therefore represents twice as much friction—and thus potentially half the conversion rate. You have to wonder if it is really worth it.
But he is very busy. He is information-overloaded. He is jaded and cynical and suspects you’re full of crap. He is not ready to invest a lot of time in seeing what you have to offer, or trying it out. The idea of reading through multiple pages of your content, of having to check out a bunch of files or a sequence of videos, not only bores him…but triggers his avoidance reflex.
As a result, testimonials are the simplest way to add social proof to your landing page. Unfortunately, because they are so easy to put together (or even fabricate), testimonials often don’t carry a lot of weight. So, if you want your testimonial to be believable, you need reputable, verifiable sources.
•Commercial & Editorial About This Site Both paid and unpaid strategies can be successful at generating traffic for squeeze pages. It’s time to talk about the specific techniques you need to promote your squeeze pages for maximum ROI.
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Promotion features To maximize your conversion rate, you’ll need landing page software tools specifically designed to help you do so, like the ones in this section.
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