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For example, this Crazy Egg landing page has three simple benefits. by fourdinos ShortStack Added form field exclusions to ignore sensitive data
Like many early World Wide Web terms, the definition of landing page has strayed from its original meaning. Landing pages were once the main focus of marketing efforts, so most websites would maintain a few for various campaigns in addition to a home page. The idea was that the users would come in to the customized landing pages and then click through to the content selected for those pages, or opt-in to an email list or perform whatever action was desired.
Rainmaker I would re-test the copy. “Want more from their work” is vague and does not specifically convey any benefit.
A Global Tag allows you to tag a visitor that submits the landing page. Click on the form element to view the form settings in the panel.   Click on Add Global Tags. Here, you can add multiple tags that you want to be applied when a visi…
Google AdWords Quiz & Worksheet – Healthy Conflict & Team Commitment In this case, MailChimp uses a simple, declarative statement to democratize its product and emphasize its importance.
Check out this post for more detailed tips on Facebook landing pages. Heap Since not everyone has the correct design programs to open these files (your developer will), you will also get web preview files in PNG or JPEG file formats.
Firstly, it’s expensive in comparison – If you want something more affordable, go with Thrive Architect instead. But it offers a lot of functionality all in one place which can be a time saver. Ultimately, you have to be able to justify the cost.
2. the primary content (middle section) Powered by WordPress. Developed by Rubel Web Design – Responsive One Page HTML Template We’ve heard firsthand from customers how they prefer our product thanks to ease of use and quick implementation. To top it off, people love our fast and friendly customer support.
Abuse Desk Site Footer How to drive traffic to an eCommerce site
It’s got some of the best features you could ask for in a landing page tool, like DTR and A/B split testing. by Bull-Theme Choose a Lead Magnet
Multiple popups on a website. You can set a particular popup for the whole site or you can set different popups for different page/post
Call-to-Actions and Buttons © 2018, by I’m Kind of a Big Deal, LLC open navigation Increase conversions with a-b testing
Conversion Analytics 3. InstaPage Page Builder Define important visitor classes and key conversion tasks Great responsive landing pages that accommodate based on the user’s screen.
Stick to minimal form fields: It’s been shown that the more form fields you include on a squeeze page, the less likely a user is to take advantage of your offer. Ideally, you’d ask for just the email address, although some marketers really want the name as well to personalize future emails (the necessity of this is debatable). One smart technique is ask for the bare minimum upfront, but have additional form fields on the following thank you page. They may or may not fill out the added form, but at least you got the email and have more leads as a result. Some marketers also believe that the more info you ask for on a form, the more likely a user is to give you a fake email – they catch wind that you’re not asking for all this info just to send them a free “How to Shave Your Kitten” tutorial.
Home Page Windows 8 desktop, Windows 7, XP & Vista Banner Ads ClickThroo Some companies prefer to launch custom-built pages for each of their campaigns, and that’s a perfectly valid choice.
GET FREE RESOURCES A direct sale landing page is generally a product page (if you’re in ecommerce), an appointment booking page, a free trial and so on.
Page 1 of 1Start overPage 1 of 1 Your all-in-one productivity platform. Impression tracking bug fix. Unlike a traditional squeeze page, your Social Squeeze Page’s topic can’t simply be “sign up and get a free ebook”.
Test Prep Edition Video testimonials. Video testimonials take this principle even further. Video testimonials are even harder to fake and come with the added benefits of inflection and body language. If your video testimonial shows genuine enthusiasm for the product, you can bet that your audience will be interested in your offer.
2000 artists ready to undertake your work Subscription levels: Core, Publisher and Pro
Use your current WordPress theme or choose from our library of custom landing page designs. 22,000 streaming videos to use in the classroom But your homepage is not designed to convert for just one single objective. Rather, it’s built to cater to several products and drive people to learn more.
1. Microsoft You just need to state a clear outcome that people will get from your page. That’s it. Look at Glenn’s CTA above. The emphasis is put on what the prospect will get from clicking, not what they have to do to claim the offer. “Send Me Domains” is specific to the offer, and it’s written in the first person.
Uses an arrow (directional cue) to direct visitors to his CTA MD – Annapolis No directions – no video – not working Before I show you my high-converting page, let me share a quick story with you.
Outstanding work… excellent writing and great communication! See here for my full Instapage review.
Extend functionality with our growing repository of third party add ons. If you run a small business that only makes a few landing pages every month and you want to go easy on your budget, this is probably going to be the best choice for you.
Website Templates Publish your page and share it with your audience. Personal See here for my full Instapage review. Limited customisation
We have reports of temporary issues delivering emails to the mail service you provided. Please choose an alternative email address (you can always change it later…)
(Among a whole host of other factors.) The problem with squeeze pages (like this one we’re on right now) is when their content exists mainly to squeeze people, and the content itself (or any discussion it generates) is considered less important in its own right by the people who are producing or paying for it.
Make it an action statement – for example “Start My Free Trial” instead of “Free Trial”
The CTA button is above the fold and visitors will know exactly what they’re getting by clicking on it (“instant access”). Scrolling down the page, visitors see exactly what’s offered in each of the three course videos; although, those are images you see, not actual videos.
Books, art Improved form compatibilty with contact form 7, gravity forms, and ninja forms Full agreement with both above… I almost always leave a site that does this sort of stuff as soon as I can…
The main goal is simply to give users multiple opportunities to convert as they move down the page. And at that goal, this page excels.
Divi Feature Sneak Peek: Multi Select Landingi Item Details Export your work as PDF or PNG. Blog Posts You want the simplest possible solution for creating landing pages… Live Chat features are now a popular option for many businesses. For example, this “Chat Here” box is always present, regardless of scroll depth, on FotoZap’s landing page:
Green trial button is centered and dominates the page, with an enticing CTA and a “no credit card required” note below the button for added encouragement 2. LeadPages
Then, as you determine which elements to place in each space on the page, remember to use persuasive elements throughout. Don’t confine “persuasion” to a single section. These features should be present in every section of the landing page.

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Gift Rocket is another site with a strong landing page. What is Gift Rocket doing right?
CRM Software Agile CRM PODCASTS Start Free Trial! Learning from their designs 9 Landing Page Goofs that Make You Lose Business [Infographic] Increase Sales Conversion
For example, the headline in my SSP starts off with, “How to Rank for Any Keyword”: Because it’s a step-by-step tutorial, that video could EASILY be used on a Social Squeeze Page.
The homepage for the freelancing marketplace Upwork has one primary job: to entice sign-ups from businesses and freelancers. If you look at the call to action (CTA) they use above the fold, you can tell which segment of their audience they’re targeting first and foremost – businesses.
The final comparison .. To add or change the color of a section, a specific element, etc…just click it and you’ll have the option to configure the color in the panel to the right of the page You have the option to: Choose a color from the pallet by simply c…
—Seth Godin, Author of Meatball Sundae Facebook Ad Types Cheatsheet Test headline variations and call-to-action text that more closely matches the language your visitors use to describe what they’re looking for. Don’t underestimate the value that a good headline or value proposition can have on your bottom line. Also, consider using long form copy to convince potential customers that your product is truly better than the competitor’s.
Ch 4. Basics of Mobile… Landing page design Honestly, most people won’t read your closing argument/reinforcing statement, but for the people who do make it all the way through your page, a good conclusion can be the difference between them hitting the back button or converting.
And everything is managed from a single platform, so editing landing pages and running split tests is easier across multiple domains. That said, it gets harder to manage if you have a huge number of landing pages.
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