Take a look at Amazon’s homepage. It has many clickable CTAs. But it’s not a landing page with one conversion objective that’s easy for a visitor to act upon. Once upon a time, it used to be popular to use a squeeze page in place of, or in front of a homepage in an effort to try to persuade visitors to opt-in and join your email list before browsing your website. That’s not a tactic we recommend.
Why Me Very well-reviewed customer support (4.5/5) RT @RTouchPoints: SLI Systems Demonstrates Landing Page Creator At #IRCE15 http://t.co/0zJuVwcYMn http://t.co/xeGjgJxoYA
If you’re struggling to choose a landing page tool for your business, start by identifying what your business needs.
Now that we’ve cleared up what a landing page is and how we’re going to use the term in this article, let’s talk about the 5 essential elements of landing page design. For reference, here’s a handy infographic that shows you how each element fits onto a page:
But if you do some research and find that 80% of people respond better to sites with photo backgrounds than to sites with solid backgrounds . . . now you don’t just have a couple of opinions. You have some data. Good template designers draw on this kind of research when they make design decisions so that by the time you use one of their templates, you’re benefitting from a large body of knowledge.
As soon as a user lands on this page, they know what the company is offering. WE RECOMMEND Yet many businesses don’t have the time or coding background to tailor their landing pages to be in sync with their pay per click ads – as a result, leads are lost. The solution to this problem is simple! Streamline landing page creation with a landing page creator!
Share your page I’d never use them! I hate them… at least never on a personal project… Now that you’ve found a tool to build your landing page, it’s time to put on your designer hat and share your new product with the world. Don’t overthink it—see how quickly you can share your core ideas on a landing page, then you can use A/B testing over time to hone and improve your design.
May 4, 2016 at 11:15 pm Newsletter COMMUNITY I have no alternative but to uninstall the plugins and go with another unless the developer “sees the light” and decides to create some simple directions and figure out how to keep the help videos on the dashboard page. The developer would have seen a much larger response to selling premium if the free versions atleast worked or just answer support. I see this alot when dealing with wordpress developers and I could never figure out why!
Thanks for the feedback Tia. Unbounce is an exceptional offering. I appreciate you giving our readers insight into some additional features not covered in my review! Capturing visitors attention is never easy. That’s why WP Lead Plus X popups can have background images and videos.
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May 3, 2008 Contact the Envato Market Help Team Click the image below to access the free checklist: Related Questions
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Peter Garety That might be true! But your goal isn’t to brag about your company. That’s not compelling. Improved form email typo detection

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“With the number of landing pages we’re publishing and the integrations we use with Instapage, we’re saving well over a quarter million dollars by not hiring a full-time front end developer and product engineer.”
$6.95 A squeeze page or a lead capture page does what it says – helps you capture leads, which are prospective consumers.
Teachers love Extensive knowledge base Online Privacy No limit on using background. You can use your own background image In the hands of some marketers, sure.
Customizations Below-The-Fold Calls to Action January 4, 2016 at 6:48 am Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 0.9 x 9.3 inches Receive Slack notifications or emails to notify you about new leads from your campaigns.
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Visitors are accessing your landing pages via a mobile device. That’s a fact. Use our mobile optimized templates for your campaign, and let Pagewiz serve them automatically whenever a mobile device is used.
Here’s a header example for a video chat app that needs to differentiate itself from competitors. First, I’d start by identifying all its novel features. From that list, I’d choose whichever is most representative of the product’s purpose. Its purpose is what it’s designed to accomplish for its customers on the highest level. 
Free Trial 10 days Unbounce is the Photoshop of landing page editors. Literally—its interface looks much like Photoshop’s, with a dark design, a left toolbar to select the items you want to add to your page, and a right toolbar to customize the options of the item you’re currently editing. Double-click on anything in your landing page design to edit it directly, then customize its advanced settings in the right sidebar—including options to use dynamic text that replaces text in a page with the search query that brought someone to your page. Or, if you’re familiar with HTML code, click the View Source tab under any element to tweak its direct code.
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