However, if your business depends on building long-term relationships with customers and promoting a suite of products/ services, you’ll probably want to have a primary website in addition to any landing pages you create.
In chapter five, we’ll cover one of the most crucial, but often overlooked areas of landing pages — testing. Most books and guides will give you the advice that you need to be testing, but they don’t tell you how, or what to test. This chapter changes all that. We’ll talk about the right way to go about testing, how to accurately measure your results, how to use those results to springboard off other tests and much more.
You can add Hello Bar to your site for free. Create an account by inputting your domain name in the homepage text box:
Fortunately, it’s not hard to create a successful landing page testing strategy—one that teaches you something with every test. It takes some planning and documentation, but a solid testing strategy will save you a lot of time and dramatically increase your profitability in the long run.
This item:Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions by Tim Ash Paperback $16.98
It doesn’t matter if your visitor would love, adore and send flowers to a 3-part video interview series featuring Oprah, Bono and Mark Zuckerberg. If you can’t create and host that content, who cares?
Requires only two form fields (fewer form fields often means more conversions) One landing page is selling zero drop shoes to ultramarathoners. © 2018 Bannerflow AB Privacy policy Cookies GDPR
The design of the page could be better. Condition: Used – Good 1.8.3 •Designer
Essential Element 2:  Persuasive Subheadline “I can see that ‘Meet the Email Marketing Experts’ is designed to give gravity to the course, are these names your audience has heard of and respect? If not, what purpose do they serve? If the course had comments from Seth Godin it’s a name I’m going to value, over someone I’ve never heard of.
However, if you like total control over everything, you’ll probably be more pleased with a tool like Unbounce that offers greater customization.
Learning Center Hey Steven, thanks for commenting. Subscribe Now Here’s how we copied/drew inspiration from the above designs: Is this answer still relevant and up to date?
CodrutTurcanu.Com  Twitter Agency “The next sections about what’s included, and what’s involved are generally pretty good, but should be way further up the page, giving me value. Landingi is an end-to-end landing page platform for digital marketers and agencies. We strongly believe that delivering a platform to build, publish and personalize landing pages as well as traffic sources will significantly help marketers achieve outstanding campaign results and keep costs reasonable. We provide all the tools to speed up and simplify the process of building, publishing, optimizing and managing landing pages on a large scale for the lead generation process. Landingi is integrated with leading marketing tools so that the marketer can take full advantage of his existing marketing stack and deliver high-quality leads.
IncomePress Email marketing maven Ben Settle uses an opt-in splash page that comes up before his homepage at—as do I, on my own business site at Notice also that neither Ben nor I ask for a prospect’s name; just their email address.
Here’s what customers are building. Can you interview influencers about a certain topic? Can you record them on Skype and turn those recordings into MP3 files? Those MP3s could make for a fantastic “special report” delivered as an audio series over a short period of time.
2. Where are they when they consume most content? How Experts Arrange Landing Pages That Convert
Why use templated landing pages? Follow Secrets of the E-Commerce Conversion Funnel: Effective Ways … Live Preview I Think: It has high reviews on Capterra and G2 Crowd. If your goal is to make a contest and plop it on a landing page, by all means, this is for you.

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CONTACT FORM 7 FORMS Price: 3.5/5 The reason for this is very simple.
There are two primary methods you can use to create effective squeeze pages. Learn how to build your own page with a pre-made template and have a beautifully-designed page in as little as three minutes.
Create beautiful pages for your products and services. See all 139 reviews Create a book
Self-hosted It’s all about conversions OBJ Files Concept of a landing page
Fresh, feminine, interactive homepage for Fixing addon store Financial Services Marketing
In many ways, the order form is, in many cases, the best squeeze page you can possibly have for your business. It’s often placed as the first ‘gate’ in a checkout flow and functions as a means to collect leads before funneling traffic into the billing portion of the checkout.
Our News Happy with your desktop view? Simply switch to the mobile view workspace to tweak and optimize your page for more mobile conversions.
OptinSkin Kindle Cloud Reader Your landing page should still echo the design of your regular website, though, to reinforce your branding. This can be done through the graphics, general look and feel, or your color scheme and font choices. Real-time reporting 3. Leadpages (Premium SaaS w/ Plugin) Consultancies OrangeCone Install this plugin, you cannot go wrong !! FAQ It also offers seamless integration with all the popular email marketing and optimization tools, CRMs, webinars as well as automation.
You get webinar pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, download pages, course pages and more. Your landing pages are designed for one purpose only.   A lead generation page could be for a:
3 Worst Meds Lander Templates include contests, giveaways, quizzes an email collection giveaways, but limited to that
The more specific your CTA, the more likely someone will follow it. So don’t be shy about telling people the EXACT next step you want them to take. A/B testing (not available for the basic level plan)
Shows how to use Google’s Website Optimizer tool, what to test and how to prepare your site for testing, the pros and cons of different test strategies, how to interpret results, and common site design mistakes
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